Restaurant POS: The Key to a Successful Business

Some people compare restaurant point of sale (POS) systems to electronic cash registers – but they do so much more. Restaurant point of sale (POS) software helps you control labor costs, manage inventory, and have deeper insights into sales and operations. It also gives your team the ability to enhance customer experiences with faster service, greater efficiency, and more convenient types of transactions, such as online ordering, order and pay at the table or curbside, and omnichannel gift cards and loyalty rewards.

It’s important to keep in mind that although there are hundreds of point of sale systems on the market, not all of them are designed for restaurant operations. Give your business the advantages of software specifically designed for the way you do business, from taking orders and communicating them to the right prep station to accepting online orders for delivery by DoorDash or Uber Eats or managing your takeout and delivery business.

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Restaurant POS

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Why Focus POS is the Right Choice for Your Business

Focus POS has a long history of helping businesses succeed. Focus POS includes industry-leading features that enable your staff to deliver excellent customer service and dining experiences. In addition, Focus POS’s reliable software increases efficiency with a suite of seamlessly integrated products that allow you to optimize all areas of your business.

Focus POS also backs its solutions with technical and customer support that ensure your system always provides maximum value to your restaurant.

Focus Restaurant POS Features

  • Sales data that helps you identify trends, adapt menus, and change pricing as needed
  • Integration with accounting to simplify tax forms, profit and loss statements and other vital documents
  • PCI-compliant solutions and enhanced controls that minimize the risks of employee theft and fraud
  • Labor management features such as time clock functionality and scheduling
  • Cloud-based management and reporting that enables anytime, anywhere access to data and administrative capabilities.
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Focus POS Has a Solution for Your Business

Focus POS is the ideal solution for businesses in the entire range of restaurant industry segments, including:

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