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For ice cream shop owners, quickly serving customers is the second most crucial part of the business – next to the ice cream itself. People get ice cream when they want to treat themselves, and long lines and melted ice cream could spoil the occasion. Therefore, ice cream shop owners should consider purchasing ice cream POS software to create a more efficient and profitable establishment.

Focus’s software for ice cream parlors is ideal for operations of any size. In addition to streamlining the ordering process, an ice cream point of sale system allows business owners to track inventory, employee hours, and sales. It even helps you create loyalty programs. Of course, it’s always good to know how your sales are doing, and identifying best sellers is essential for keeping up with customer demand.

In this day and age, it’s critical to operate a business with a reliable, feature-rich point-of-sale system. Focus POS is a trusted name in the restaurant industry, and the same can be said about desserts. Focus understands that every business has unique qualities, so every ice cream POS system is designed explicitly for individual shops.

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Provide Exceptional Service to Your Ice Cream Fanatics

The last thing your customers want is to wait for ice cream that’s already melted. Keep your customers happy by getting them out the door before they can say “chocolate-vanilla soft serve!” with an ice cream point of sale. Our solution can help you:

  • Turnover orders quickly by simplifying your checkout process
  • Ensure prices and orders are correct with NTEP certified food-safe scales
  • Offer suggestive selling, tip prompts, and sign-on screen for credit card payments

Support Your Employees and Keep the Shop Running Smoothly

On hot summer days, it’s challenging to handle the sudden demand for frozen treats. Take the strain off your staff and business by letting our software for ice cream parlors do all the heavy lifting. Improve your operations with features, such as:

  • Smart and printable recipes so employees can create fan-favorite menu items with ease
  • Employee schedule management to keep you and your staff organized and up-to-date
  • Short training times: our intuitive interface is easy to use, helping new employees learn even on the busiest days
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Make Better-Informed Decisions With Data Analytics

As competition continues to grow, you need to consider all your options to make your ice cream parlor stand out from all the rest. With back-end reporting, data collection, and statistical analysis, our ice cream point of sale can make all your future goals a reality. Our software includes features like :

  • Inventory tracking to prevent any shortages
  • Remote monitoring of sales and labor information
  • Complete visibility and real-time reporting over cash shortages and comps and voids

Enhance Your Ice Cream POS Restaurant Management Software

Besides possessing all the basics for Focus POS Restaurant Management Software, you can enhance your customers’ ice cream parlor experience by adding other robust solutions.

  • As an innovative mobile solution, FocusON can help you take your ice cream parlor on the road. It gives you the power to process transactions and keep up with orders wherever and whenever you go
  • Our Multi-Check Dashboard keeps your staff organized by effortlessly managing several checks on one screen, eliminating the chance for potential errors
  • myFocus Loyalty gives your customers a reason to come back for more scoops of their favorite ice cream. Reward your most loyal customers with coupons, points, and other promotional items to establish lasting relationships
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Why Choose Focus POS Software for Ice Cream Parlors?

  • Accessibility to onsite sales and service couldn’t be faster and simpler
  • Choose your partners to help you process and control credit card fees
  • The best and most reliable software around
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