Order and Pay at Table with Focus POS

Focus Order and Pay at Table Empowers Customers to Take Control of Their Restaurant Experience

Restaurant owners are always looking for new and innovative ways of engaging their customers. In an era where digital solutions are an integral part of our lives, it’s time for restaurants to take advantage of the power of mobile devices. Whether you’re looking to improve workflow for your staff or create a more memorable experience for your customers, Focus has the perfect mobile solution for you.

Our Pay at the Table solution offers customers the ability to walk in, sit down, order, and pay at the table from the comfort and convenience of their mobile device. What sets our Order and Pay at Table apart from the rest of the competitors is that it does not close a tab until the customer selects the “checkout” button.

How Focus Pay at Table Works:

  1. First, customers sit down and, using their mobile device, scan a QR code display on a table tent at their table. After scanning the code, the menu pulls up on their device.
  2. Next, customers select their items and submit their orders. They also enter the tip percentage, their name, phone number, and email address.
  3. Then, the kitchen texts the customer, letting them know that they received the order, and email them a copy of the receipt.
  4. Customers only enter their contact information once, and then they send their order to the kitchen.
  5. The tab is kept open for add-ons, such as drinks or desserts, until the customer is finally ready to hit the “checkout” button

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How You and Your Customers Can Benefit from Order and Pay at Table

At Focus POS, we created our Pay at the Table solution with your customers and restaurant in mind. With Pay at Table, customers no longer have to wait to be serviced by staff: they can order their meals as soon as they’re seated. Also, because they’re in control, customers will never have to worry about getting the wrong order ever again. In addition to superior customer service, Order and Pay at Table helps free up staff to focus on other tasks and improve your work environment, keeping them organized and less prone to making unnecessary errors.

Guest Benefits of Pay at Table Solution

The ultimate convenience of ordering from a mobile device
Guests only need to enter payment information once
Reduces in-person contact with staff

Restaurateur Benefits of Order and Pay at Table

Boosts check sizes
Cuts down on labor costs
Streamlines service and kitchen operations

Software Screenshots

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What All Restaurants Have in Common

While each restaurant has unique challenges, every restaurant needs reliable support and service to keep the doors open and the lights on. Focus is backed by an experienced and skilled network of local dealers. Focus dealers provide customers with both onsite and remote support.

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