Serve Customers Within the Blink-of-an-Eye With Fast Casual POS

Consumer demand for fresh, high-quality food served quickly and at an affordable price has helped fuel the popularity of fast-casual restaurants. Meeting this demand is more manageable with software for fast casual restaurants from Focus POS, which helps your business maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

You need a fast casual POS system with the right features at the right price. With Focus POS, your business can streamline workflows, speed up order times, and maximize the performance of your kitchen to meet customer expectations. In addition, you can optimize your back office management with robust inventory tracking and smart reporting to give you that touch-of-a-button insight into business operations.

And with solutions, such as Restaurant Online Ordering and Order and Pay at Table, your fast casual restaurant software can help you entice customers with new ways of engaging your establishment.

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Fast Service = One Satisfied Customer

The last thing your customers want to do is wait for orders while their stomachs are grumbling. Keep your customers and their stomachs satisfied with a fast casual POS system from Focus POS. Our point of sale has features, such as :

  • Customer-facing displays that support suggestive selling, tip prompts, and sign-on screen for credit cards
  • Custom menus and screens to speed up order entries
  • The flexibility to accept multiple payment options for your customers’ convenience

Help Your Staff Streamline Restaurant Operations

Your employees are the backbone of your restaurant operations’ success. With our software for fast casual restaurants, you can improve your staff’s workflow and keep business running smoothly. Our software features capabilities like:

  • Seamless combo functions for multiple item entry
  • Integration with kitchen video systems that improve accuracy and reduce preparation time
  • A user-friendly interface to help streamline the training of employees
  • Managing multiple revenue centers at once to keep workers organized and on track
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Utilize the Power of Back-End Reporting and Key Insights

With robust, back-end reporting, your fast casual restaurant software can allow you to have unlimited visibility over your operations—and the ability to make decisions centered around crucial insights to help you grow your revenue. Notable features include:

  • Robust reporting and auditing to accurately manage shrinkage and track inventory
  • Analyzing your sales to determine a long-term strategy
  • Tracking and breaking down your profits from each revenue center to reveal trends and gain greater visibility into your operations
  • Gaining valuable insight into customer behavior so you can leverage and build customer loyalty

Boost Your Fast Casual POS Restaurant Management System

As a bonus to our Focus POS Restaurant Management Software basics, you can upgrade customer experience with our other feature-rich solutions.

  • Multi-Check Dashboard from Focus POS helps your workers stay organized by effortlessly managing several checks on one screen, eliminating any chance for error
  • Online Ordering allows your customers to avoid long lines through pre-ordering from their device. Plus, they can take your restaurant with them wherever and whenever they go
  • With Order and Pay at Table, customers scan a QR code display with their mobile device, pull up your menu, and order and pay right from their phone. It’s that simple!
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Why Choose Focus POS Software for Fast Casual Restaurants?

  • Swift and efficient retrieval to your onsite services and sales
  • The ability to pick your partners so you can manage and control credit card fees
  • Software you know you can depend on
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