Streamline Order Prep from Online, In-House, and Drive-Thru

Welcome your kitchen into the 21st century with our latest Cloud-based kitchen video system: FocusKITCHEN. Our newest kitchen display system POS can help automate your kitchen, expedite order prep, and streamline processes with efficiency and ease. Plus, FocusKITCHEN provides you the ability to drop orders from online, in-house, and drive-thru into the order queue.

When you use our kitchen display system POS, you’ll see a difference in productivity and profitability for your business. Modern problems require modern solutions, and at Focus POS, we’ll take on your toughest challenges. Our technology can help you worry less and concentrate more on how to continue growing your business.

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Automate Your Kitchen, Reduce Paper Waste, and Deliver Exceptional Service

As a Cloud-based kitchen display system POS, FocusKITCHEN can have your business operations perform better and reduce errors simultaneously. It’s a system built around saving you time and money.

Speaking of saving money, FocusKITCHEN reduces errors in recall receipts, increasing organization and minimizing your paper waste. It’s a great way of making your kitchen more eco-friendly while keeping extra cash in your pocket.

FocusKITCHEN is a win-win when it comes to delivering exceptional service and keeping your kitchen running smoothly.

FocusKITCHEN Features

  • Bump individual items
  • Check recall
  • Dynamic item routing
  • Decrease paper waste
  • Bump individual items
  • Bump to print
  • Prioritize rush orders
  • Bump to text

What All Restaurants Have in Common

Although various restaurants have different needs for POS functionality, they all still need reliable support and service to keep operations running. Focus POS is sold and supported by a skilled and experienced network of local dealers who provide our customers with assistance and in-person service when it’s needed most.

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