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Recently, the quick-service industry has witnessed higher demand for faster service and more efficiency. As a result, many quick-service restaurants have long lines, both at the counter and in the drive-thru, during peak periods. Unfortunately, all it takes is a simple slip-up (like giving a customer the wrong drink or charging the wrong amount) to cause costly customer service delays and the potential to lose even the most loyal customers. Luckily, you can avoid these mishaps when you have the right quick service software.

Focus Quick Service POS offers an intuitive, intelligent interface to streamline order-taking, shave precious seconds off of service times, and quickly train new employees. With turnover rates in the fast-food industry sometimes rising over 100%, a quick serve POS that is easy to learn is imperative when constantly onboarding new staff. And with a robust arsenal of features and solutions, such as myFocus Loyalty or FocusPay, our quick service software guarantees the ultimate customer satisfaction while boosting the performance of your restaurant.

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Get Your Customers In-and-Out Without Breaking a Sweat

Speed and accuracy are the cornerstones of every quick-service restaurant. Let our quick serve POS help you avoid long lines and get customers out the door with features, such as:

  • Monitoring and reducing service times
  • Online ordering integration so customers can skip the line and order their favorite meals from the convenience of their mobile devices
  • Conversational ordering and order confirmation capabilities help employees engage in quick, easy conversations with customers to ensure their orders are completed correctly

Streamline Orders and Boost the Efficiency of Your Staff

Keep your customers and employees happy when you let our quick service POS do all the heavy lifting. Improve the effectiveness of your restaurant operations with features like:

  • Fingerprint logins so your staff has quick and secure access to your POS software
  • Sending orders from the POS system directly to the kitchen printers or kitchen display systems to streamline food production
  • Managing multiple revenue centers—the counter, the drive-through window, and your online orders—on any screen in the store
  • Drive-through check recall to keep workers organized even when customers are bumper-to-bumper
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quick service pos

Take Advantage of Valuable Data and Reporting

Keep a closer eye on your operations with our quick service software. Gain complete control over your restaurant with formidable back-end reporting and data analysis, all from your POS system. Some critical features included are:

  • Real-time reporting to monitor cash shortages, inventory shrinkage, comps, and voids
  • Pulling labor and sales data to help you formulate a successful business plan for the future
  • Countdown items to help you ensure that you don’t overuse a specific product to keep inventory levels balanced

Improve Your Quick Service POS Restaurant Management System

In addition to our Focus POS Restaurant Management Software basics, you can enhance customer satisfaction by adding our other top-of-the-line solutions.

  • We can install FocusPay into your POS system so your restaurant can safely process EMV transactions, giving your customers different payment options
  • myFocus Loyalty helps you reward your customers for their faithful dining at your restaurant. You can send emails with customized coupons and incentives to build stronger relationships between you and your customers.
  • Take your restaurant on the go with Focus Mobile Alerts. Manage your restaurant and access critical data all from your mobile device.
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Why Choose Focus Quick Service Software?

  • Quick and efficient retrieval to onsite sales and services
  • Autonomy to choose your partners and control credit card processing fees
  • The best and most reliable software
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