Revealing New Realms of Payment Possibilities

QRPay is an innovative addition to the Focus Cloud ecosystem. A touch-free QR code payment solution, it offers increased flexibility when it comes to making payments anytime, anywhere, and changing tip amounts, whether customers are in-house, curbside, or online.

Deliver exceptional customer service and offer customers a touchless mobile payment option with QRPay.

Focus POS QRPay

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QRPay Focus POS

Fully Integrated with the Focus Cloud Suite

Fully integrated with the Focus Cloud Suite, QRPay adds a QR code to the customer’s check. If dining in-house, the customer can scan the receipt with their smartphone and then view, pay, and add a tip to their bill with a credit card, Apple Pay or, coming soon, Google Pay.

When ordering online with Focus Online Ordering, customers are presented with the QR code during pickup and they can add or adjust the tip amount in-house. Additionally, because it’s fully integrated with the Focus Cloud Suite, it’s compatible with FocusON, allowing you to accept mobile payments, anytime, anywhere.

With Focus QRPay:

  • Offer customers a touchless QR code payment solution
  • Offer customers mobile touchless payment anytime, anywhere
  • Customers can adjust tip amounts in-house, curbside, or online

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Completely Tokenized and PCI Compliant

Focus is 100% committed to keeping sensitive customer data secure. That’s why all of our payment solutions, including Focus QRPay, are fully tokenized and PCI compliant. You’ll sleep more soundly knowing that your data is safe.

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What All Restaurants Have in Common

Even though different types of restaurants have different needs for POS functionality, they all need reliable support and service to keep operations running. Focus POS is sold and supported by a skilled and experienced network of local dealers who provide customers with support and in-person service when it’s needed most.

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