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Food trucks have exploded in popularity in recent years, serving everything from classic meals and snacks to gourmet fare. For the most part, food trucks are a response to the demand for a quick and cheap meal in large metropolitan cities. Workers on lunch breaks, tourists, and people looking for a tasty meal can all appreciate the convenience of a food truck.

Our Food Truck POS software offers the owners of these miniature restaurants a variety of features that help them provide fast and reliable service to customers. Focus’s POS systems are specifically designed to help food truck owners maximize the productivity and profitability of their businesses. Food trucks attract customers who are looking for a quick bite to eat, and our software makes sure the ordering process isn’t any longer than it needs to be.

In addition to speeding up order times, our Food Truck POs software will help owners track inventory and sales, market to customers, offer more payment options, and more. Although every food truck follows the same basic business model, every business is different. That is why Focus POS is dedicated to helping you customize a Food Truck POS system that meets the needs of your business.

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Software Screenshots

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Speed of Service

  • Custom menu layouts
  • Intuitive combo functions
  • High speed credit card processing

Auditing and Control

  • Inventory reporting
  • Sales reports
  • Driver insurance and license expiration warnings

Additional Features

  • Customer-facing displays
  • Digital signage and menu boards
  • Mobile reports
  • Conversational ordering
  • Suggestive selling prompts

What All Restaurants Have in Common

Even though different types of restaurants have different needs for POS functionality, they all need reliable support and service to keep operations running. Focus POS is sold and supported by a skilled and experienced network of local dealers who provide our customers with support and in-person service when it’s needed most.

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