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cloud-based reporting

Three Key Advantages of Cloud-Based Reporting

In today’s competitive and data-driven environment, businesses of all types are discovering the benefits of the cloud. If you’re a restaurant franchise manager with multiple locations, coordinating all of your sales, labor, and other data from all stores can be a major headache. A point of sale (POS) solution that includes cloud-based reporting can make…

online ordering

4 Reasons Online Ordering is Essential

In the past, keys to a successful restaurant might have just included the basics: fresh ingredients, a skilled staff, and appealing ambiance. To flourish as a modern restaurant, however, you need to add digital capabilities to your business. You need online ordering. The restaurant industry is becoming more and more about providing convenience to consumers.…

restaurant delivery

3 Ways Restaurant Delivery Boosts Revenue

Convenience is key for today’s consumers. In a fast-paced, technology-driven world, consumers are looking for a quick, easy option to satisfy their cravings—all while never having to leave the comfort of home.  Food delivery continues to be a popular meal solution for diners—but it’s moving beyond the days of just ordering a pizza. In a recent…