5 Ways the Omni-Experience Trend is Impacting Restaurants

The restaurant industry is seeing an emerging trend toward offering customers an omni-experience that involves multiple touchpoints (e.g., digital, in-person, etc.) and a higher-than-ever level of engagement with the brand. This trend is driving change in the restaurant industry in a variety of ways: 1. Giving customers the option to skip lines by ordering ahead. … Continue reading »

What Generation Z Will Mean for Restaurant Customer Loyalty

Many restaurant operators have devoted considerable time and resources to ensuring that their businesses cater to the millennial demographic. However, an upcoming cadre of consumers known as Generation Z (individuals born in 1996 or later) will soon rival millennial’s influence on the industry — if they haven’t already. Here’s why restaurants need to turn attention … Continue reading »

3 Ways Restaurant Technologies are Transforming Dining Establishments

Whether it’s marketing, taking orders, or completing sales transactions, processes in restaurants of all types are changing due to new technology advancements. Here are three of the most significant ways restaurant technologies are transforming dining establishments. 1. Tableside Ordering. Mobile point of sale (mPOS) has provided restaurants with the ability to input orders right at … Continue reading »

Emerging Food Trends in 2017

Food is like fashion — trends develop, take hold, and in certain cases, go out of style. Restaurant operators know they must adjust their menus to keep up with trends or risk losing business to the competition. Watch for the following food trends to emerge in 2017: Vegetable-heavy comfort food. Consumers will continue to look … Continue reading »

Millennials and Their Impact on the Restaurant Industry

There’s no denying that operators in all segments of the restaurant industry must adapt their business practices to cater to each demographic group, from baby boomers to Generation Z. However, appealing to millennials, consumers born between 1981 and 1997, is especially important given their buying power which, according to Forbes, now totals more than $200 … Continue reading »

5 Foodservice Trends in 2017

Foodservice trends continue to emerge, evolve and, in many cases, become more prevalent. This year will be no exception, and foodservice operators must keep such trends in mind to maintain or increase their share of consumers’ dining dollar. Here are five foodservice trends to watch in 2017. Healthy is IN. Admittedly, consumers don’t always gravitate … Continue reading »