Order Accuracy Problem? Here’s How to Fix It

Order accuracy can cause many problems for restaurants. There’s the time and expense of discarding improperly prepared items and providing replacements to customers free of charge. There’s also the potential for lost business when customers question servers’ competency to take orders and kitchen staffs’ ability to properly fill them. Not to mention, pressure to correct … Continue reading »

3 Reasons Restaurants Need Seamless EMV Integration

Many restaurateurs hesitate to adopt pay-at-the table solutions that comply with the Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) payment technology standard and accommodate chip card transactions. Some believe pay-at-the-table options with EMV integration are too expensive to purchase and implement. Others say the pay-at-the-table “tipping culture” makes customers uncomfortable. However, there are three important reasons why … Continue reading »

4 Ways to Reduce Your Restaurant Turnover Rate

Seeing consistent staff turnover at your restaurant? You’re not alone. The national restaurant turnover rate varies, but averaged 72.9 percent last year, the highest since 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While some attrition is bound to occur in any foodservice operation, there are at least four ways to minimize it: 1. … Continue reading »

5 Tips for Identifying and Addressing Slow-Moving Inventory

Most, if not all, restaurant operators understand the importance of knowing which ingredients their menu items need, when, and in what quantities. Having the visibility to identify slow-moving inventory is equally important because it helps avoid spoilage, waste and unnecessary costs. Limiting quantitate of seldom-used ingredients also frees up space to store larger quantities of … Continue reading »

How to Prepare For a Restaurant Technology Transition

Making a point of sale (POS) technology transition can be a great move for your restaurant, improving everything from operating efficiencies to guest engagement. However, this process shouldn’t be treated casually. Careful preparation is required, so follow these steps for best results and the greatest return on investment (ROI). Working backward, identify the questions you … Continue reading »