4 Reasons Consumers Demand Menu Transparency

Even in the not-too-distant past, menu transparency was an option for restaurants. However, it’s become an imperative. According to Technomic’s 2016 Healthy Eating Consumer Trend Report, 86 percent of all consumers demand menu transparency. As customers’ prioritize this information when choosing a restaurant, it is becoming increasingly critical to boosting sales and maintaining a competitive … Continue reading »

3 Ways a POS System Reduces Restaurant Waste

Restaurant waste can take a big bite out of a business’ bottom line. According to a study by the University of Arizona, the percentage of food waste in quick-service and full-service restaurants stands at 9.55 percent and 11.3 percent, respectively. The potential savings is definitely motivation to reduce waste, but some restaurants find it hard … Continue reading »

5 Ways the Omni-Experience Trend is Impacting Restaurants

The restaurant industry is seeing an emerging trend toward offering customers an omni-experience that involves multiple touchpoints (e.g., digital, in-person, etc.) and a higher-than-ever level of engagement with the brand. This trend is driving change in the restaurant industry in a variety of ways: 1. Giving customers the option to skip lines by ordering ahead. … Continue reading »

What Generation Z Will Mean for Restaurant Customer Loyalty

Many restaurant operators have devoted considerable time and resources to ensuring that their businesses cater to the millennial demographic. However, an upcoming cadre of consumers known as Generation Z (individuals born in 1996 or later) will soon rival millennial’s influence on the industry — if they haven’t already. Here’s why restaurants need to turn attention … Continue reading »